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A Bottling Company You Can Trust 

We know that when you’re outsourcing you need reassurance that your product is handled safely, efficiently, and with the highest quality service. That’s why we are dedicated in providing the packaging that is right for the job, and right for you.

As well as assuring complete safety on every bottling contract, our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard means that you can expect impeccable value packed into every bottle. Choose an accredited company that you can trust, and enjoy a range of benefits that are all part of our first-class customer support services:

  • Free technical advice and information
  • Face-to-face meetings at our premises or yours
  • Open discussions to quickly resolve any issues
  • Automatic updates about legislative changes and how these may affect your product
  • The opportunity to carry out audits of our facility, and to make suggestions for actions

Stocking a Range of Products

As part of our industry-leading services, we offer a wide variety of bottling options to ensure that we can meet the needs of your business. Whether you require small glass vials or 1L HDPE plastic containers, we stock a range of bottles for a range of products. Some of the substances we are able to bottle include:

  • Deionised Water
  • Corrosive Acids
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Volatile Solutions

Benefits for Your Business

Working with ReAgent comes with a number of business benefits. Not only will you receive the highest quality bottling service for your product, you will also be given peace of mind by knowing that your product is in the hands of one of the largest bottling companies in the UK. This will allow you to focus on your business without distraction. Bring real value to your company and customers by getting on board with us today and benefiting from:

  • The opportunity to invest in other areas of your business from the savings made by outsourcing to us
  • The freedom to focus on your business and customers, whilst knowing your product is in the care of a professional bottling company
  • The promise of ISO 14001:2004 certified products, ensuring care and respect for the environment with every bottle
  • Our dedication to building long term, mutually beneficial relationships where sharing knowledge and experience benefits both parties
  • Over 40 years of industry experience from our skilled team

Whether you already have ideas for your products, or would like some guidance on the best way to bring it to the wider market, our team will be on-hand to help and advise you. Take a look at some of our bottling case studies to see how we can help, or get in touch below to start making your business goals a reality.

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Why choose ReAgent?

Traceability on batches and consignments
Our custom built order management gives us the ability to track all raw materials and all batches in our facility.
Highly skilled workforce
Our highly motivated workforce are kept up to date with the latest training, industry standards and information.
Non-disclosure agreements
We happily enter into non-disclosure agreements with customers to protect their products from being copied.
A range of additional services
ReAgent is not just a bottling company, we offer full supply chain management as well as chemical manufacturing and development services.

Get in touch now or call 0800 9555 798 to find out how we can help you