The industries we supply

These are typical examples of the industries we can supply, but we manufacture chemicals for a range of other industries from our extensive facilities in the UK. Contact us or call our expert team on 0800 990 3258 to find out how we can help you.


We can manufacture and supply a range of chemicals for use in the agrochemical market, such as phosphates and industrial chemicals. Typically, the agrochemicals we can supply are used in the production of fertilisers and pesticides.


We have supplied various types of chemicals to the automotive industry for many years, and have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of this industry.


We have in-depth experience of working with the aviation industry, manufacturing bespoke chemicals for a leading aero engine manufacturer and developing the supply chain for a specialised aero engine cleaning product.

Cleaning Chemicals

We have 40 years of expertise in household and industrial cleaning processes and chemical products. As well as supplying high quality, bespoke formulations, we can also act as a third party manufacturer.


We supply both specialised grades of water and deionised water to the energy sector, as well as reagents for online analysers and laboratory supplies for power generation.

Facilities Management

Our range of experience supplying and manufacturing chemicals to the facilities management industry includes specialised cleaning and sanitation chemicals, such as brick cleaners, graffiti removers, concrete removers, and surface sanitisers.

Laboratory Chemicals

We supply a range of laboratory chemicals (in fact, that’s how ReAgent started!) including general laboratory chemicals, standards, buffer solutions, chemical indicators, biological reagents, and high purity water. You can also buy off-the-shelf laboratory chemicals online.

Life Sciences & Molecular Diagnostics

We manufacture biological buffers and reagents for use in life science laboratories and in vitro diagnostics kits. Products we supply include buffers for medical devices which are used in cancer diagnosis, and diagnostic test kits used in a saliva based testing kit for COVID-19.

Medical Devices

We supply IVD reagents for medical devices and are accredited to ISO 13485. We adhere to the stringent requirements of a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry, and have a class 7 cleanroom at our manufacturing facility.

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